Make your Arty Lobster Sculpture into an Urn for Ashes

If you would like your sculpture to contain ashes, order an urn kit

Arty Lobster pet memorial
Arty Lobster sculpture of dachshund being licked by dog
French Bulldog with their own 3D printed sculpture

To make your sculpture into an urn, just order the urn kit, and it is easy to fit the ashes inside the sculpture.

We make the sculpture hollow, and give you a kit that allows you to put the ashes inside the pet sculpture. Please note that you may not be able to fit all the ashes inside the sculpture, depending on the amount. Also note that this is only available for our 20cm and 25cm sculptures. The cost of an urn kit is £30.

We want you to be 100% satisfied, so if you don't like the sculpture, you can return it for a full refund.

Order an urn kit with a full colour pet sculpture for £30

Our sculptures are suitable for:

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    Pet Memorials

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    Remembering the look of a puppy as it grows up

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The most beautiful handmade sculptures of your pet

  • High quality

    Our sculptures are an excellent likeness and made in beautiful full colour stone.

  • Simple process

    Send us 10 photos of your pet and we’ll do the rest.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We pride ourselves on providing great customer service and a great product. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Get started!

Order a full colour pet sculpture from £230 + £3 P & P

  • Sculpture size

    • Sitting pet sculpture

      Arty Lobster makes most of its pet sculptures sitting. A sitting pet sculpture is usually the best way to get out the personality of your pet, as the face is larger.

      A standard sitting pet sculpture is usually about 14cm tall (5 1/2 inches), including the base. The metal base will be engraved with the name (or another message of your choice). The dimensions of the base are 13 x 9 cm. The weight of this sculpture varies, but is typically around 600-700 g (just over a pound).

    • Standing pet sculpture

      For some sculptures like sighthounds and horses, a sitting sculpture does not make sense. Arty Lobster is happy to make your pet sculpture standing. Please note that for pets with thin legs (e.g. horse, greyhound) we need to make a large 20cm sculpture to make sure the legs will survive shipping.

      A standard standing pet sculpture is usually about 14cm long (5 1/2 inches). The metal base will be engraved with the name (or another message of your choice). The dimensions of the base are 13 x 9 cm, so the sculpture reaches out past the base.

    • Lying down or multiple pet sculptures on same base

      We can make a sculpture lying down or put more than one sculpture on a base, but in general we prefer not to do this. The individual pets tend to be very small and not as nice. Please contact us if you are interested in this option.

  • Shipping and Payment

    • Delivery to UK

      We send our sculptures with Royal Mail Next Day Delivery if you are in the UK. The fee is £5.

    • International delivery

      We deliver anywhere in the world.

      European deliveries

      We deliver anywhere in Europe. Our European shipping costs are £5.

      Delivery to the rest of World

      We charge £5 for shipping anywhere outside of Europe. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Trusting Arty Lobster with your money

    • Want to order from Amazon instead?

      Arty Lobster is a growing company, so we understand that customers may not have heard of us before and are worried about paying for a sculpture they can’t see in advance.
      If you prefer, you can order this sculpture through Amazon instead. In addition to the Arty Lobster guarantee, you can trust Amazon to guarantee that you will receive the product. If you would like to order via Amazon, please use the links below:
      14cm tall 20cm tall

    • Ordering from other pet stores?

      We sell our products in some online and physical pet stores, groomers and vets. Please contact us to find our which shops are local to you.
      If you are running a pet store or similar, we would love to talk to you about offering Arty Lobster sculptures.

  • FAQ

    • How many pictures do I need?

      Where possible, send us around 10 photos of your pet including different angles like the front, back, tail, top of head etc. The more angles you send us, the better.
      However, if you don't have many photos, we can still make the sculpture- we have made a sculpture using only 2 photos before. If in doubt, send us an email and we can guide you.
      How to take photos for an Arty Lobster sculpture.