Create your Cockapoo Sculpture

Give us 10 photos of your cockapoo, and our artists will handcraft and 3D print a unique sculpture of your dog.

Arty Lobster labrador sculpture 1
Arty Lobster labrador sculpture 2
Arty Lobster labrador sculpture 3

Arty Lobster uses unique 3D printing to make a completely lifelike sculpture of your cockapoo. By modelling the sculpture by hand, we guarantee that you will be happy with your one-of-a-kind cockapoo figurine.

Labrador sculpture process from photos to 3D printed sculpture

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Our sculptures are suitable for:

  • Pet Memorials thumbnail

    Pet Memorial

  • Gifts thumbnail

    Birthday and Christmas Gift

  • Puppy thumbnail

    Remembering a puppy for when it's older

The most beautiful handmade sculptures of your pet

  • High quality

    Our sculptures are an excellent likeness and made in beautiful full colour stone

  • Simple process

    Just give us 10 photos and we'll do the rest

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We pride ourselves on providing great customer service and a great product. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Make your cockapoo into a sculpture!

Simple process, just give us 10 photos and we will do the rest.

Order a 20cm tall cockapoo sculpture for £295

  • Reviews

    • "It is so like him its unbelievable"

      I was over the moon when my husband surprised me with a the sculpture of Alfie, our adored family member of 13 years, after he had lost his battle with cancer. It is so like him its unbelievable, It has pride of place in our home
      R. Smith

    • "I can not recommend Arty Lobster highly enough"

      Having purchased a memorial statue of my beloved dog I can not recommend Arty Lobster highly enough. The statue was amazing and captured my pet perfectly. The staff are so very helpful and always there to help with any questions you have. 10 out of 10 from me
      Tricia Pashley, 2019

    • "Amazing memorial"

      Thank you! You made an amazing memorial of our dog, Max. My wife and I really love the figurine.
      John, 2019

  • Shipping and Payment

    • Delivery to UK

      We send our sculptures with Royal Mail Next Day Delivery if you are in the UK. The fee is £5.

    • International delivery

      We deliver anywhere in the world.

      European deliveries

      We deliver anywhere in Europe. Our European shipping costs are £5.

      Delivery to the rest of World

      We charge £5 for shipping anywhere outside of Europe. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Creating a cockapoo sculpture

    • Are my pictures good enough?

      We are usually able to create a good pet memorial even with very few images. For example, we created a dog memorial for a customer who only had two photos. In that case, we sent images of the model to the customer, to make sure that the figurine we made was the dog he remembered. If you are not sure if the pictures are good enough, you can always contact us and give us the photos first. We can look at them and tell you if we believe we can do a good job. But do not worry, if you order a pet statue and upload pictures, but we do not think we can do it, we will let you know and refund the money.
      Just select 5-10 photos from your mobile or PC (or as many as you can if you don't have five of them), and email them to us. Don’t worry if they are not all perfect, we will let you know if we need more.

    • Cold cast bronze cockapoo sculptures vs full colour stone

      Traditionally, you needed to employ an expensive artist, if you wanted a true likeness of your cockapoo. The artist would usually create a cold cast bronze sculpture of your cockapoo. Depending on the artist, the bronze cockapoo might look exactly like yours, or be a very artistic interpretation. Regardless of how it looked, it would be very expensive.
      Arty Lobster believes that it is not necessary to pay many thousands of pounds for an excellent personalised cockapoo sculpture. By using 3D printing, we are able to simplify the process and make what was once only possible for extremely rich people, accessible to everyone. We create sculptures in two ways:

      • Full colour sandstone with a metal base - This brings out the colours and personality of your cockapoo, and is what most customers prefer
      • Bronze cockapoo sculpture - We can create a bronze sculpture, using 3D printing, at a fraction of the cost of traditional artists. This sculpture will have a more traditional look and feel, but not show off the colour variation in the coat
    • cockapoo ornaments

      An Arty Lobster ornament is perfect for the mantelpiece or desk, but too heavy to use as a Christmas ornament or hang on a Christmas tree. Our cockapoo ornament is made for standing on a flat surface.
      Arty Lobster's cockapoo ornaments are created in full colour, and the colour is part of our computer model. We then use novel full-colour 3D printing to make a sandstone ornament with all the colours of the fur and coat. Our ornaments are not hand-painted.

    • Can you do different breeds of cockapoos?

      As Arty Lobster makes figurines from your photos, we are happy to make any kind of cockapoo or pet, even crosses and pets with no discernible breeds.

      We have made a number of cockapoos from Thoroughbred to Dutch cockapoos and Shetland Ponies. If you can get us the photos, we are confident that we can make it.

  • FAQ

    • How many pictures do I need?

      Where possible, send us around 10 photos of your pet including different angles like the front, back, tail, top of head etc. The more angles you send us, the better.
      However, if you don't have many photos, we can still make the sculpture- we have made a sculpture using only 2 photos before. If in doubt, send us an email and we can guide you.
      How to take photos for an Arty Lobster sculpture.

    • Why use 3D printing?

      By using a new technology, full-colour 3D printing, we can create sculptures with very high quality. We do not rely on hand-painting by badly treated workers far away, but use the newest technology to do this instead. The result to you is a sculpture that is perfectly lifelike with exactly the right colours.